Alexei Ludevig

Alexei Ludevig, VIOLA


“Alexei Ludevig is a brilliant violist and outstanding musician.
In performance he is appearing as a remarkable artist possessing big emotional power.”
Rudolf Barshai

“Alexei Ludevig knows how to make his viola sing with the all-encompassing grace of a human voice. Mysterious and dark, he judiciously mixes his panache with soft poetry always with a gliding, weightless bow, which draws out the deepest sounds…Lively, sensitive, deft, Ludevig varies his colors constantly.”

“Alexei Ludevig has both enormous talent and flexibility for playing in all styles…he plays with lyricism and breathtaking excitement.”

‘The concert served to highlight the excellence of the string players, especially violist Alexei Ludevig who shared a smiling rapport and introduced much warmth.”

“A veritable renaissance of chamber music in Russia…Alexei Ludevig and his colleagues gave one breathtaking performance after another… Ludevig is a true musician- possessing a virtuoso technique which he harnesses to musical aims.”

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Alexei Ludevig, VIOLA, Russia, St.Petersburg
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